Bona-fide paid up Members of RIFA can enjoy 20% off advertised rates at the FPRS 2017 in Berlin, for manufacturers/operators and 10% for any other company. This discount doesn’t apply to sponsorship packages and can’t be used on any existing bookings.  Contact RIFA's International President for more information.

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Dear Members

The RIFA AGM and SEMINAR will take place on Friday 14 July, 2017 at the Union Jack Club, Sandell Street London SE18UJ

RIFA Committee Membership:  Vacancies will exist for Vice Chairman, Chairman, International President and Elected Officers, including Committee Members.


Anyone wishing to stand for election for any of the vacancies above should please submit a Nomination Form that is available on the RIFA web site to the General Secretary by Midday of 12th July 2017.


It incorporates a signed declaration by the nominee that he/she is willing to make the necessary commitments if elected.  A nomination must be supported by the number of members specified.


Members can only support the nomination of one candidate in each class of vacancy.




Nominations may also be made from the floor at the AGM, accompanied by the proper forms, provided the Candidate & Nominees are full members and have paid this year's subscriptions.


Members must have paid their subscriptions for their nominations and votes to be valid.